Supplier of quality hydraulic rock breakers in South Africa.


XL Hydraulic Rock Breakers

Supplier of XL1700 Hydraulic Rock Breakers

The XL1700 is developed, engineered, produced, assembled and tested in Montabert’s factory in France. It is manufactured from high quality steel for increased lifespan and reliability. Heavy duty housing with anti wear plates and rock dragging teeth, improves the breakers life span on the toughest job sites.

Power and versatility

There is a wide range of Nitrogen pressure settings for different work and environmental applications allowing you to adjust your breaker for maximized efficiency. The energy recovery system uses each piston rebound to get faster blows, thereby increasing productivity.

Best option to protect your investment

Maximum protection of the excavator thanks to its patented mechanisms. These rock breakers have a high resale value due to their long life features and reliability for which Montabert products are well-known.

Leaders in customer service

At Montabert SA, we’re focused on meeting the needs of our clients by delivering high quality rock breakers and after sales services that can be relied on.

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Features of the XL1700 Hydraulic Rock Breaker

Made by Montabert Nitrogen technology to its max efficiency. Get the best, spend the least!

XL1700 Hydraulic Rock Breaker

XL1700 Hydraulic Rock Breaker

  • Reliability
  • Feature Summary
  • Patented blank firing protection, protecting the critical parts from premature wear and tear.
  • Nitrogen chamber equiped with high performance seals, avoiding inopportune refills.
  • Durable suspensions, which deflect vibrations from the breaker and carrier, therefore preventing excavator boom and housing cracks.
  • Patented distribution avoiding pressure spikes and protecting carrier hydraulic systems.
  • Tie rod and nuts made with the best steels and treatments, eliminating breakages issues.
XL rock breakers
  • Fully dampened and sound proofed
  • Optimized nitrogen technology
  • Patented hydraulic distribution
  • Innovative energy recovery system
  • Time-tested structure
  • Blank firing protection
  • High back-pressure tolerance
  • More power for your money
  • Carrier care
  • Easy maintenance
XL rock breakers

Why Choose Montabert?

With so many companies offering hydraulic breakers and drifters, how do you choose the right one for your business? Here are a few reasons to choose Montabert:
  • Continuous investment in research and development focused on revolutionising the construction and demolition industries.
  • For almost 100 years, Montabert products have led these industries with three to five patents a year.
  • Wide range of products suitable for all excavators.
  • Superior quality machines manufactured in Saint-Priest (Lyon), France.
  • All Montabert breakers and drifters have a high resale value due to their long life features and reliability for which Montabert products are well-known.
  • Unrivalled customer service.
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