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Montabert USA unveils new drill attachment

Montabert’s American division launched its latest industrial drilling attachment – the CPA295 – in Las Vegas last month.

This innovative rock drilling equipment, which raises the bar when it comes to production rates, is set to make its presence felt in both the construction and mining sectors.

Let’s find out what makes the CPA295 unique, and why it could be the ideal solution for heavy drilling sites around the world.

Power meets versatility – to boost drilling efficiency 

The CPA295 is an excavator-mounted drill which is mobile and can be used for a variety of applications – without compromising drilling power. 

With adjustable hole width of between 3 and 4 inches (7 to 10 cm), and a maximum depth of almost 22 meters, the CPA295 delivers in the power department while providing the flexibility of adjustable hole size.

This combination of power and flexibility should appeal to site managers in a variety of sectors and locations – including South Africa. The CPA295 can be used for demolition, quarrying, pipeline projects and other applications.

Easy to set up – and move around

Once the CPA295 is on site, setting it up and moving it to the desired location is a straightforward process – and most excavators are up to the job.

Here are some facts that site managers will find useful:

  • The CPA295 can be mounted on excavators weighing 25 tons and more
  • It takes roughly 10 minutes to complete the attachment and no equipment modification is necessary – saving both time and expense
  • Installation can be completed using a quick coupler, standard auxiliary hydraulic plumbing, and the drill’s 24V power supply
  • The CPA295 is equipped with Montabert’s latest hydraulic drifter – the latest in a line of drifters that have become the gold standard for many mining engineers.

The power, flexibility and ease-of-use that the CPA295 offers could set a new standard in the drilling industry. With so many benefits included in one piece of equipment, Montabert’s latest drill attachment could find its way onto a variety of sites before long.

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