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Silver Clip Breakers

Made For Reaching Construction Goals

Setbacks and downtime in construction projects cost time and money. 

At Montabert SA, we're focused on meeting the needs of our clients by delivering high-quality rock breakers and after-sales services that can be relied on. 
Through our Silver Clip breaker ranger, Montabert SA ensures that your construction projects go smoothly, and that project deadlines are met and expectations are exceeded. 

Robustness, power and adaptability are key features of our Silver Clip breaker range thanks to the patented designs which site managers will find extremely appealing. These features offer high quality and unmatched productivity. 

Vinesh Naidu Technical Sales Manager of Montabert SA, says, “Our rock breakers are exceptional products, produced to perfection from high-quality steel coupled with anti-wear plates, heavy-duty external heat-treated casings fitted with beka auto lube systems and spare moil points included in the pricing structure with the addition of it being a premium product with an excellent track record in the reliability of the product. However, the bottom line is that the true experience of our brand happens when customer service is called upon to perform in the African continent known for its harsh conditions.” 

One of the main features of the Silver Clip breaker range is its cylindrical, ergonomic shape, which allows access to the hardest to reach places while avoiding overheating and unnecessary wear of the equipment, ensuring less downtime and increased productivity, for a long time. The compact dimensions of the range provide excellent ergonomics, making the range ideal for any work. 

Other innovative features that make the Silver Clip breaker range standout, includes the energy recovery capture and recycling capabilities. The full range has an energy recovery device which captures and recycles the rebound energy, making it available for the next impact stroke. The patented pressure regulator automatically keeps a constant power, regardless of the hydraulic oil conditions. All these features ensure that your energy output is optimised while avoiding unnecessary downtime. 
Furthermore, the Silver Clip breaker range will enable you to carry out multiple jobs easily with a single operator and machine on the construction site. A compacting plate and bucket are both directly adaptable, without having to modify any hydraulic connection or part. The Silver Clip breaker range has a one-piece body with no tie rods, avoiding possible downtime due to stretching or breaking. This is essential for site managers, as a single machine and operator setup minimises the hazards and clutter on construction sites. 

Noise isolation is standard on the complete range, which ensures that noise is reduced on construction site, furthering unloading the burdens of the site managers. 
The Silver Clip breaker range is a full product line made for all types of compact carries. The range comes in nine models, which weigh between 60 to 500kg for 0.7 to 14-ton machines. The variety of models available in the range means that there is at least one Silver Clip breaker for every compact carrier in the market. The range is designed to be used in all types of carriers, from macro, midi, and mini excavators to backhoe loaders. The range is extremely tolerant to back pressure, adapting to most existing hydraulic systems and their internal pressure regulation. The whole range comes standard with blank fire protection and castings and suspensions are fully enclosed to absorb vibrations, which assist in minimising impact wear. 

Montabert SA combines power and versatility, guaranteeing optimum performance no matter your project. As we always strive to make our customers' lives better, we're proud of all of our products' unmatched quality.