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Above, below and beyond

In today’s world, there’s more to doing business than just a great product

There was a time when there simply wasn’t much choice of products to buy or services to use. Your doctor and dentist were local, milk was milk and you bought your meat vegetables at the butcher and greengrocer around the corner. Now, there’s almost no end to the different choices people have for just about everything. Even when it comes to hydraulic breakers, there’s no shortage of choices. As the world becomes a village and purchases can be made in cyberspace from anywhere in the world, not only do products have to stand out from the crowd, but customer service must be exceptional.

Whether buying a litre of milk, a fashion item, a car, or machinery, consumers are looking for experiences that enhance their lives and businesses. Customers no longer simply pick the first product they see that seems to meet their needs. Before making a decision, they check – is the promise true, what have other people’s experiences have been, is this excellent value for money? 

Vinesh Naidu Technical Sales Manager of Montabert SA, says, “Our rock breakers are exceptional products, produced to perfection from high quality steel coupled with anti-wear plates, heavy duty external heat treated casings fitted with beka auto lube systems and spare moil points included in the pricing structure with the addition of it being a premium product with an excellent track record in the reliability of the product. However, the bottom line is that the true experience of our brand happens when customer service is called upon to perform in the African continent known for its harsh conditions.”

Studies indicate that the perceived quality of a product only accounts for 13% of the decision to engage with a company – a whopping 69% of people stop doing business with a company because of bad service. Additionally, 88% of customers prefer dealing with a company with strong customer service as opposed to a company with the latest, most innovative products.  

Silver Clip (SC) series rock breaker

An example of one of Montabert’s exceptional products is The Silver Clip (SC) series, which  is a product line made for all kinds of compact carriers, from micro, mini and midi excavators to backhoe loaders. Robustness, reliability, power and adaptability are the key features of the Silver Clip product range, which will enable you to carry out several jobs easily with a single operator and a single machine on the construction site. The range holds its value, ensuring that re-sale is a cinch in the second hand market.

“We stand by the quality of our products and know that they will perform exceptionally well, and it is vital that our customer service matches that, as well as our brand promise that strives to make customers’ lives better. We are proud to be associated with Montabert as a premium branded product that delivers on a continuous basis and the key to keeping this brand available to our clients stem from our service and support division which is our core success structure in the attachment business,” concludes Naidu.

About Montabert S.A.S.
Montabert S.A.S. is a leader in hydraulic demolition and drilling equipment for use in demolition, construction and more. We are known worldwide for the design, production and distribution of rock drill products and rock breakers and have manufacturing facilities in Saint-Priest (Lyon), France. We are proud of the generations of men and women who helped to build this great company. We know that our history is the foundation of our future.