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It's not on top, it's inside

Getting through a mountain is far more efficient that going around it.

The Ancient Greeks were master engineers and builders – while there are numerous examples of this, one that stands out is the Tunnel of Eupalinos. Built in the 6th Century BC to serve as an aqueduct, getting essential water to the city of Samos, away from enemy eyes, it’s the second tunnel in history to have been built from both ends. Incredibly, the closing error in altitude at the rendezvous points for the two tunnels was a just a few decimetres. The tunnel still exists today, albeit as a tourist attraction. 

How long the tunnel took to build is not known, but it’s safe to say that modern construction techniques would have vastly reduced the tie period. Vinesh Naidu Technical Sales Manager of Montabert SA, says, “Our range of hydraulic drifters would have made short work of that tunnel. In fact, they make short work of just about every horizontal drilling project.”

If the ancient’s had access to equipment that offered hydraulic percussive power, there may well be far more tunnels throughout the world. Road tunnels have been proven vastly effective in reducing distance and increasing speed, which in today’s fast-paced world is of utmost importance. 

But it’s not just about road tunnels – the mining industry has consistent need for drilling horizontal tunnels. Drift mining is seen as a more economical way to access various minerals, from gold and coal to quartz and zinc, as opposed to other types of underground mining that involve digging up through rock. Tunnels are used for haulage, ventilation and exploration.

“Montabert’s hydraulic drifters encompass a hydraulic dampening system that absorbs reflected energy and ensures a constant thrust into the tools; progressive blow energy which generate a perfect, long shock wave of a trapezoidal shape; an energy recovery valve that allows the piston rebound energy to be utilised for the next blow; hydraulic reverse percussion that ensures a real back hammering with no rods left in the hole and tool extraction in fracture ground,” says Naidu.
With a close relationship between manufacturing and engineering, ultra-modern machining tools and a sophisticated heat treatment workshop in the Saint-Priest plant in France, Montabert hydraulic drifters are recognised worldwide for high performance, exceptional reliability, long maintenance intervals and low tool consumption.

About Montabert S.A.S.
Montabert S.A.S. is a leader in hydraulic demolition and drilling equipment for use in demolition, construction and more. We are known worldwide for the design, production and distribution of rock drill products and rock breakers and have manufacturing facilities in Saint-Priest (Lyon), France. We are proud of the generations of men and women who helped to build this great company. We know that our history is the foundation of our future.

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