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Renewable Energy – Changing the Face of Mining

Renewable energy has become a mainstream technology, with industries embracing power sources that are affordable and sustainable.

Renewable energy has become a mainstream technology, with industries embracing power sources that are affordable and sustainable. The mining industry, which has been struggling with fluctuating commodity prices and high energy costs, is turning to renewable energy systems to reduce costs and practice good environmental stewardship.

As companies embrace sustainable energy, green technology is gaining acceptance as it improves its reliability. The result is high-quality power generation technology that is becoming more and more affordable.

Going green makes good business sense

Many mining operations are using renewable energy microgrids to develop newly discovered mineral deposits. Compared to the high cost of diesel-fuelled power, the economical supply of power that microgrids provide is ideal for smaller sites and remote exploration camps.

The localities of these sites are often too far afield to rely on the existing power grid and need more power than mobile generators can produce, making green microgrids the ideal solution.

Combining technologies for optimal results

Until recently, the major challenge in implementing renewable energy systems for mineral deposit development was the cost involved.

Green energy solutions are often designed for a lifespan of 25 years or more – much longer than the average period of the project – and as a result, they tended to be too expensive for mining companies to use.

Recently a system called Crosspower was designed by Pfisterer, a German energy infrastructure manufacturer. This mobile energy system combines conventional power with renewable energy sources to produce a reliable electricity source that is less costly to run and less environmentally damaging than diesel power.

Mining may boost green energy in future

The mining and resources industry has come in for its share of criticism from green activists, but recent developments may see the sector adopting renewable energy on a huge scale. Lower costs, a cleaner work environment, and an overall reduction in pollution are just some of the benefits that renewable energy sources could bring.

As technology improves and green energy sources become more reliable, they may end up replacing combustion energy sources altogether.

As the local mining sector works hard to recover from its recent slump, renewable energy may bring cost savings and environmental sustainability at just the right time.

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